A New Low
Photographs by Scot Sothern
8.25" x 10.75" 60 pages
Softcover Perfect-bound
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The Business of Pleasure:
New York City Brothels 1987-1991
Photographs by Philiip Fagan
Introduction by Anthony Friedkin
10"x8" 80 pgs Hardcover with dust-jacket
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also available:
8.25"x10.75" 68 pgs Softcover
Perfect-bound Exhibition catalog
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Camera Night at the Ivar
Exhibition Catalog (expanded ed.)
8.25"x10.75" 56 pgs Softcover Perfect-bound
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Seeing Things: Ghost Polaroids
Third Ed. 10.75"x 8.25” Softcover
56 pgs (via MagCloud)
also available:
Seeing Things: Ghost Polaroids (2nd Ed)
8"x10" 70 pgs Hardcover Image wrap
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The Fairoaks Project Polaroids from a
San Francisco Bathhouse
Photographs by Frank Melleno
8"x10" Hardcover book image wrap
80 pgs (via Blurb)
also available: 8.5"x11" 80 pgs
Softcover Perfect-bound Exhibition catalog
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The Children of Edgewood
Photographs by Ryan Herz
13"x11" 62 pgs B&W images
Hardcover book Casebound with dust-jacket
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Ghostwriter: The Polaroid Ghost
and Other True Tales of the Paranormal
by Joe Augustyn 172 pages [Kindle Edition] (via Amazon)

Photographs by Steven Rubin
Exhibition Catalog
8.5"x11" 44 pgs Softcover Perfect-bound
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Found: Mid-Century Vernacular Nudes
Introduction by Mark Thompson
8"x10" 54 pgs Hardcover image wrap
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also available: 8.25"x10.75" 48 pgs Softcover Perfect-bound
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Mondo Gronk
Photographs by Gronk
8.25" x 10.75" 56 pages
Softcover Perfect-bound

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John Rosewall
Some Just Shapless Forms
Exhibition Catalog
8.5"x11" 26 pgs Softcover Perfect-bound
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Children of Paradise:
Life with the Cockettes
San Francisco 1969-1972

Photographs by Fayette Hauser
10"x8" 50 pgs Softcover Perfect-bound
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Aaron Hobson: Cinemascapes
10"x8" 74 pages full color
Hardcover book image wrap
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Photographs by Pej Behdarvand
8.25" x 10.75" 24 pages Softcover Perfect-bound
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Freestyle Exposed V:
Unconventionally Traditional
Exhibition Catalog
8.5"x11" 74 pgs Softcover Perfect-bound
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