Eine Visual Memoir
Photographs by Wilhelm Hugel

{aka 50 Pictures of My Cock: A Visual Memoir}

Softcover Perfect bound 6x9 (15x23 cm) 96 pgs | 2023
Limited edition of 50 | $40

Wilhelm Hugel's 50 Bilder von Meinem Schwanz:  Eine Visual Memoir (aka 50 Pictures of My Cock: A Visual Memoir) is a striking and provocative collection of vintage (c.1980) self portrait color polaroids that explores an unique beauty and complexity of one of the most overlooked body parts: the penis.

Featuring a series of up-close and personal shots, this limited edition book is a true work of art, with each of the 50 images showcasing a slightly different angle and expression of Hugel's cock in various states, from flaccid to tumescence. The level of detail and texture and size captured in each image is truly impressive, and the colors are rich and vibrant, making the images truly pop.

What is particularly striking about this collection is the way in which Hugel manages to transform his impressive appendage into a subject of artistic fascination. Through these images, the viewer is able to appreciate the intricacies and complexities of the cock in a way that is both intimate and visually stunning.

While some may find the subject matter of this book unusual or even unsettling, there is no denying the level of artistic  skill that has gone into creating it. Hugel's 50 Bilder von Meinem Schwanz:  Eine Visual Memoir is a bold and daring work of art that is sure to leave a lasting impression on those who have the chance to experience it.

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