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Eine Visual Memoir
Photographs by Wilhelm Hugel

{aka 50 Pictures of My Cock: A Visual Memoir}

Softcover Perfect bound 6x9 (15x23 cm) 96 pgs | 2023
Limited edition of 50 | $40

Wilhelm Hugel's 50 Bilder von Meinem Schwanz: Eine Visual Memoir emerges as a provocative testament to the raw informality of artistic expression, drawing parallels with the iconoclastic works of Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Mark Morrisroe. In this visual odyssey, Hugel navigates the once uncharted waters of self-representation with a fearless commitment to unveiling the intimate details of his own anatomy.

Channeling the spirit of Warhol's fascination with mundane subjects, Hugel elevates the everyday through a lens that is simultaneously candid and artistic. The deliberate choice of polaroid as a medium adds an authentic touch, echoing Warhol's own experimentation with unconventional techniques. The collection invites viewers to reevaluate preconceived notions about the aesthetics of the male form, reminiscent of Warhol's disruptive approach to traditional norms.

In the shadows of Mapplethorpe's unapologetic exploration of the human body, Hugel's work echoes a similar boldness in presenting the male anatomy as a subject of aesthetic intrigue. The deliberate composition, use of color, and the nuanced play of light and shadow draw a parallel to Mapplethorpe's meticulous craftsmanship, further underscoring the fusion of rawness and sophistication within Hugel's memoir.

Moreover, the visual memoir pays homage to the photographic provocateur Mark Morrisroe, who was known for his gritty, intimate, and autobiographical works. Hugel embraces the same spirit of unfiltered self-expression, creating a narrative that is simultaneously personal and universal, challenging the viewer to confront societal taboos surrounding the representation of the male body.

"50 Bilder von Meinem Schwanz: Eine Visual Memoir" not only transcends the boundaries of conventional norms but also emerges as a testament to the enduring power of art to challenge, disrupt, and provoke. Wilhelm Hugel's fearless exploration of the male anatomy positions him alongside the avant-garde pioneers of artistic expression, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of contemporary art.