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Photographs by Vivienne Maricevic


Vivienne Maricevic started taking photographs in the 1970s, and chronicled many aspects of New York that were hidden to the outside world, from gay male burlesque shows to live sex shows in Times Square theaters. In short, she persuaded people to do something that no one else had done; she gained access and documented what she saw with her camera.

"I was always attracted to people, places and things that were different. That was the beginning of my photography. This was the mid seventies. It was a very shady and dangerous time. The news was full of stories about a guy who was running around the city with a knife killing people, and I remember hearing sirens all the time. I'd be there in the dark, all hours of the day and night. I was in my early twenties. I was so naïve, but I never felt scared."