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HARD (1998)
Dir. John Huckert
1hr 42min | Color | 35mm 1.85



• Unrated Director's Cut
• Director's, Actors' & Technical Advisors' Commentaries
• Deleted & Extended Scenes
• Film Festival Q&A's
• Scene Selection
• New 35mm Widescreen Digital Transfer
• Dolby Digital Sound
• Theatrical Trailers
• Actor Auditions
• Easter Egg

It contains graphic images of violence and grisly afterviews, nudity and strong sexual content which may be disturbing to some viewers.



JACK: You like dick?
ANDY: Huh?!...
JACK: You heard me. I like dick and I think we think alike. We could go out to my truck.
ANDY: I gotta place we can go

When a series of brutal killings of young male hustlers awaken the police to the threat of a serial killer, rookie detective Raymond Vates and his partner, detective Tom Ellis, must battle an intolerant police department that is indifferent to what it calls "misdemeanor killings." Jack is the killing machine--a drifter who has come to town on the way to somewhere else--stalking the nighttime streets of L.A. seeking out the runaways and other lost souls who gather around the hot glow of Hollywood's neon underworld--leaving a wake of bodies behind him.

However it seems the killer has his eyes on a bigger prize, Vates himself. On a careless whim, Vates sets himself up as the new target of the serial killer's wrath. When his stolen badge implicates him in one of the murders, Vates is suspended from the police force and must admit to a dark secret and reveal his curious relationship with the killer. Vates, now forsaken and isolated by all, must venture out to clear his name.

A dark and dirty Neo-noir police procedural set on the streets and the dark alleyway of Los Angeles, HARD tells the timeless story of good versus evil. A cross between SEVEN and BASIC INSTINCT, HARD is a gruesome, suspenseful, and totally absorbing crime drama.

An early LGBTQ cult classic thriller and an Official Selection of over 50 film festivals world wide.. Praised as either profound or stupid. Decide for yourself. Rare directors cut with butt loads of extras.

"Chillingly convincing," wrote The New York Times. "A dark psychological thriller that kept my heart racing to the very end." exclaimed PANIK Magazine. "HARD represents an imaginative, provocative use of genre that is rightly deeply disturbing in its implications," observed The Los Angeles Times. "A dark, sexysleazy- scary thriller," states The DC Metro Weekly. According to Frontiers Magazine, "HARD evokes the creepiness and terror of "Silence of the Lambs,". "One of the most compelling thrillers to come out of the indie scene in ages," raves Genre Magazine

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