Photographs by Scot Sothern
(drkrm editions ©2010)
Hardcover 96 pgs
43 black & white photographs, 10" x 8" inches

--Special deluxe silkscreened folio with
--Signed book,
Paperback 8.75 x 7.5 inches
96 pages (Stanley Barker, 2011)
--A signed and numbered Silver gelatin print
--4 4"x6" Archival pigment prints

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Photographs and Literary Vignettes
by Scot Sothern

RARE Hardcover 96 pgs
43 black & white photographs, 10" x 8" inches
©2010 drkrm editions)

"The years's most controversial photobook." -
--British Journal of Photography

"This work is graphic and immediately raw. It is cynical and dangerous and says so much in such condensed landscape. Sothern immersed headfirst into this sliver of the population unlike most people could never imagine, as a patron, and made photographs with a level of exclusive access that is bold and a little hard to comprehend. The stories behind each image presented weaves in a tremendous amount of texture and background. The tales oozed so much power to the imagery." -

-Kathy M.Y. Pyon, LA Times

"Scot Sothern has taken his camera into a world that only a microscopic fraction of the human population knows exists. Sothern is not a mere voyeur, he wades deeply into zones most never will and renders his subjects with dignity and compassion. Lowlife is a moving and compelling piece of work."

--Henry Rollins

"Scot Sothern's photographs of dark rooms, contorted faces and abused but undefeated bodies reveal the hypocrisy of a society that simultaneously fears and revels in cheap, bought sex in which both sellers and the buyers are victims of desperate but distinct needs. His pictures tell us something about the people who appear in the them, and teach us difficult truths about the animal condition in which all of us must survive."

--John Sevigny

"Lowlife is brutal stuff. A vicious slice of the American pie. A camera lucida of la bas, as the French say. It doesn't get much further down and straight to the being than this. A cautionary series of tales that's seguro."

--Barry Gifford

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