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Tracking Light: Reflections from an Exurban Garden
Mary Maruca

Illustrations by Ren Lohoefener

6×9 in | 102 pages
Softcover | Perfect bound | $25

ISBN: 9781715870928
Publish date: 11/2020

Tracking Light: Reflections from an Exurban Garden is a collection of ten essays capturing the changing light that shapes experiences in a backyard garden.

Compared to Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, the essays start in spring, because all hope for a garden begins there, and carry through till the cusp of winter.

But a human being is a garden too, with thoughts as multiple as flowers, and so these essays suggest the changing light in human life as well, illuminating memories of other times and seasons.

"When the light returned, something inexpressible had changed for me. During the following days, I experienced the sun’s light differently, as if my old familiar companionable sun had managed to walk away and another step in, one that sent down its light clearly textured with shadow. Following the eclipse, shadows seemed deeper and light brighter, as if it had achieved more sparkle, like sunlight on water."