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6"x6" Laminated Digital-C print, mounted on aluminum ed 15 $150 ea


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Visual Urban Abstracts
Patrice Elmi
: Views From A Cell
April 21 - May 26, 2007


Thousands of people walk the streets, sidewalks and alleys of Los Angeles on a daily basis. Hurriedly, they race to work, to the bus stop, to gather, to shop...what they miss along the way is a world of astounding beauty, complexity and dimension, caught by the eye and lens of Patrice Elmi. Patrice transforms the ordinary world around us into an extraordinary journey of color, shape, composition and texture...a visual journey through urban streets seeing things for the first time.

Using only pure, glowing color from either early morning or late afternoon sunlight, she creates images that marry art and photography into a unique and vibrant form. Views From a Cell shrinks the visual world down dramatically, capturing images within images that are alive with color. One could not imagine images taken with a cell phone could be so breathtaking but in the hands of Patrice Elmi, the camera phone becomes an extension of her unique vision. Her images are alive with color, flowing with shapes and stalked by shadows. Patrice's eye allows the viewer to "stop and smell the roses" in a world which is in too much of a hurry to notice the astonishing potential to be found in the everyday universe in which they exist.

The photographs are digital C-prints which are fused/mounted on aluminum sheets and coated with an archival laminate. The metal on which these photographs are fused actually integrates and becomes part of the piece itself.

Patrice Elmi trained at both NYC's School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute. Graphic designers internationally have used her images in various media and her work can be found in private collections. This is her first solo show.

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