The Haunted Hacienda: the art of the Mexican horror film

Mexican horror films have been hidden from American Cinema long enough. These films are, without a doubt, the closest thing to a cinematic acid trip you are ever going to encounter. Although influenced by the American gothic tradition, these films possess quite an antique soul that is uniquely Mexican. They reflect the Mexican heritage of pagan ritual against the dynamic of Catholic theology.

The aesthetics to be found in the striking images in this exhibit create a new perspective reflecting the cultural attitudes in Mexican cinema; including the surreal comic book style poster art that adds yet another level of appreciation about films made in Mexico during the period from 1953-1970.

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El Barón del terror (1962)
The Brainiac (USA)
Vintage 28x38 Linen backed Framed One-sheet $1500

The Del Valle Archives is once again collaborating with the Drkrm. Gallery to present these bizarre Mexican genre images in all their flamboyant glory. The photographs and rare original art from this period take on a life of their own, revealing a poetry one could never find in the films themselves. Join us for an excursion into the midnight world of the Aztec mummy, masked wrestlers, doll people and busty Vampire women as we travel through the misty countryside to The Haunted Hacienda.

This exhibit will run through June 24th 2006.
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